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Welcome to the Urban Food Garden website.  Many people dream about living on a few hectares in the country and growing their own food. Yet in reality the majority of us live in an urban environment, over ninety percent of Australians do so and most are unlikely to ever to move to the country. This site has been set up to help and encourage people to grow at least some of their own food where they live and are always likely to live, in the cities, suburbs and towns that dot our wonderful planet. It is not meant as a complete manual covering everything to do with food production, nor do I claim to be an expert on gardening matters. What I hope this site does is : 
  • Provide some basic notes on how to grow fruit & vegetables.
  • Give hints and advice in areas where I have developed techniques that I believe are not covered in other gardening books or websites.
  • Offer planting and garden design information that is specific to the Ballarat and surrounding district climate.
  • Display my garden through images online to give the viewers ideas as to what they can do in their own gardens.
  • Be a contact point for others who share my interest in producing food in their own backyards.

So please enjoy this site! And if you have any gardening hints, stories of successes or failures, or simply like what you see on this website then please feel free to drop me a line. I would love to hear from you! 


John Ditchburn (Ditchy)
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06.11.2012 (4276 days ago)